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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Solar PV power-packs

Solar systems come in all sizes and shapes.

The smallest single-light solar "system" is a solar lantern, which nowadays increasingly uses white LEDs instead of fluorescent light bulbs.

Next in line are individual so-called solar home systems (SHS).
The smallest SHS have just 2 CFL light bulbs while the larger ones can be several kiloWatt-peak (kWp) in size and power a complete household, including lights, fans, refrigerator, washing machine, computers, etc.
They become known as "solar PhotoVoltaic (PV) power-packs".

Aurore can provide you with the solar power you need, whatever the size and complexity.
We specialize in customized PV power-packs and can design, install and
maintain these in remote areas, where robustness and reliability are of utmost importance.

See our projects blog for more info, and contact us for a quotation.


gauri verma said...

i wanted to know how much these solar packs cost...where can i find that information?

Aurore India said...

Alexander said...

Good post very interesting.