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Monday, July 21, 2008

Improved Aurore Solar Street Light

Solar streetlights have been deployed all over India since long and they all look the same, basically everybody copying everybody else, making the same mistakes.

One of the biggest problems is the battery sitting in a metal box mounted on the pole. The temperature of the battery inside reaches extreme temperatures with the sun shining on it.
This is not good for the battery and reduces its life-time.

Aurore India has designed and developed an improved solar streetlight, with several innovative features, including a battery box which is mounted high up on the pole, right below the solar panel so it is shaded from the sun. The battery is also better protected against theft this way and at the same time it protects the backside of the solar panel against vandalism (pellet guns, thrown rocks, etc).

Improved Aurore Solar Street Light

The other major innovation is that Aurore India streetlights now have luminaires with ultra-bright, efficient and long-lasting white LEDs fitted in them.

Up to now over 400 Aurore improved solar streelights have been sold.

The full datasheet can be downloaded here.

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