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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Solar Pumping Systems

Since the early 90s Aurore has installed solar Pumping systems of various types and sizes all over India, including centrifugal surface pumps delivering high volumes of water at low heads, as well as high-head submersible pumps.

Nowadays most of our installations are done using stainless-steel Grundfos centrifugal SQFlex submersible pumps, because of their reliability and robustness.

Over the years we have build up a good relationship with Grundfos in Chennai, ensuring quick servicing and repair.

Sizing and installing a solar pumping system requires specialized knowledge and experience, and Aurore has that expertise in-house.
We provide you with customized solutions and are able to install and maintain these systems in the remotest corners of India.

Contact us for more information and see our projects blog for an overview of the solar pumping systems we have installed.

Solar Pumping Systems

Solar water pumping is one of the most useful applications of solar energy since there is normally a good matching between water need and intensity of the sun.
There is also no need for a (costly) battery bank since water can be stored in tanks for overnight use.

Aurore has a vast experience in solar pumping, having installed over 500 solar pumping systems in the Punjab and Haryana between 2000 and 2003 under a government subsidy programme.

Nowadays Aurore installs mostly high-quality stainless steel submersible solar pumps in remote areas for drinking water provision and small scale farming. These solar pumps work very well in combination with drip-irrigation systems.

See our project section for more information on the kind of solar pumping projects we have executed.

Contact us if you need more detailed information and quotations.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Solar PV power-packs

Solar systems come in all sizes and shapes.

The smallest single-light solar "system" is a solar lantern, which nowadays increasingly uses white LEDs instead of fluorescent light bulbs.

Next in line are individual so-called solar home systems (SHS).
The smallest SHS have just 2 CFL light bulbs while the larger ones can be several kiloWatt-peak (kWp) in size and power a complete household, including lights, fans, refrigerator, washing machine, computers, etc.
They become known as "solar PhotoVoltaic (PV) power-packs".

Aurore can provide you with the solar power you need, whatever the size and complexity.
We specialize in customized PV power-packs and can design, install and
maintain these in remote areas, where robustness and reliability are of utmost importance.

See our projects blog for more info, and contact us for a quotation.

Solar PV power-packs

The electrical power situation in most parts of India is pretty poor, in particular in remote rural areas.

Aurore India designs, installs & maintains solar PhotoVoltaic (PV) power-packs of different sizes all over India, both off-grid and grid-connected hybrids.

From small single-light portable solar lanterns

to custom-designed multi-kWp PV power-packs that can supply power to an entire range of electrical appliances, from lights, to fans, to computers and refrigerators.

See our projects blog to get an impression of the kind of power-packs we have installed so far.

Contact us for more detailed information and quotations.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Improved Aurore Solar Street Light

Solar streetlights have been deployed all over India since long and they all look the same, basically everybody copying everybody else, making the same mistakes.

One of the biggest problems is the battery sitting in a metal box mounted on the pole. The temperature of the battery inside reaches extreme temperatures with the sun shining on it.
This is not good for the battery and reduces its life-time.

Aurore India has designed and developed an improved solar streetlight, with several innovative features, including a battery box which is mounted high up on the pole, right below the solar panel so it is shaded from the sun. The battery is also better protected against theft this way and at the same time it protects the backside of the solar panel against vandalism (pellet guns, thrown rocks, etc).

Improved Aurore Solar Street Light

The other major innovation is that Aurore India streetlights now have luminaires with ultra-bright, efficient and long-lasting white LEDs fitted in them.

Up to now over 400 Aurore improved solar streelights have been sold.

The full datasheet can be downloaded here.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

ETC Solar Water Heaters

Aurore has been installing solar water heaters of the flat-plate type since 1995 Over the years about 200 have been installed inside Auroville.

Old-fashioned flat-plate solar hot water collectors

In 2001, Aurore decided start investigating the lesser-known Evacuated Tube Collectors (ETC), which are predominantly produced used in China.

Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC)

ETC systems have certain advantages over Flat-plate systems. They have a higher efficiency, are easier to maintain and are cheaper (because they don't use any copper).

Over the years Aurore has accumulated a wealth of experience with the installation of ETC solar water heating systems, and we are thoroughly convinced that they are superior to flat-plates.

Aurore is installing ETC systems all over India know, and supplies a network of dealers throughout the country.

If you are interested to become an ETC dealer, please contact us.

The datasheet for the ETC can be downloaded from the RESOURCES section.